My Experience with the mobile version of Brave on Android

Brave is one of those provocative browsers that multitasks and focuses on solving every issue, like pop-up advertisements, security, privacy crisis of the internet, etc. There have been a lot of criticisms about Brave’s ad replacing plans, but for me, as a light user of mobile internet browsing, this browser works perfectly for me and provides me with all the facilities I require of.

My Experience on Android

Brave can easily be installed by the google play store. It has a rating of 4.3 stars which is pretty impressive. If compared by, Opera, rating on 4.6 stars, Firefox mobile browser, which rates on 4.4 stars, and our very own google chrome on 4.3 stars. These browsers have been on the market for longer, which gives Brave browser an upper hand on them.

mobile version of Brave on Android

Brave Browser is based on Chromium which actually means it utilizes the same chore, web compatibility and excellent performance, likewise than chrome. Brave browser for android comes with many features such as the ad blocker, which works likewise to the desktop’s version of it. It’s shield features is perfect for the privacy concerns of the users that block pop up ads, third party ads cookies, tracking, all by default. You even have the option to increase privacy by allowing fingerprint protection on it or by enabling script blockage.

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The ad-block features work fine on most of the sites, however, you might see some ads slipping on some sites still, for which this browser receives its criticism, but the ads are not as annoying for sure. If you enable script blocking, even these unnecessary ads will be taken care of, but it might affect the working of the site and make it slow to process. The protection such as fingerprint can be enabled or disabled under privacy option, on the brave browser.

This browser even comes with an instilled Welcome tour that guides you about the services of this browser. This browser can even memorize your addresses, payment methods, and passwords, by default, unless turned off for security reasons. However, you cannot install extensions in Brave; the password managers do not support that.

This browser shows a toolbar on the bottom and a URL bar on top. You can either keep the bottom toolbar, relocate its elements or even change the theme of the browser from dark to light. The browser even has an option to allow background video playback, managing of notification for visited sites, syncing in between other versions of the browser and changing of scaling from larger to smaller fonts or vice versa.

The blockage of ads really gives the brave browser the leverage of being better/ The webpage loads at a faster speed, it provides with better privacy and even your battery is saved. All I have to say is my experience on this brave browser was surely a great one, it has all the features and advantages that I require of and I would definitely recommend others to use it.

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