Brave browser available search engines

Search engine is known as the web-based tool that is used by the users in order to find out information on WWW i.e. The World Wide Web. They consist of automated software applications that are normally called robots or spiders. These software applications are used by these search engines. They serve the purpose of traveling along the web. They gather all the information by following links from different pages and sites. The collected information is then used to give shape to a searchable index.

Three different functions are performed by these search engines. One of them, as discussed above, is to crawl and travel around the internet and gather content. They look over every URL they find related to the content. Another purpose is to store the content if finds after crawling and organize it. The content is in the form to be displayed after being organized by the search engine. The last but not the least function of these search engines is to rank the results. It means that those content pieces that are able to answer the user’s question in a better way than others are placed on the top. After that comes the other and the list goes down towards the least relevant.

Brave browser available search engines

Brave Browser Search Engines

Brave browser also has a search engine known as Qwant. It is the European search engine that focuses on the security and safety of the users. It is one of the aims of the brave browser to keep the security of individuals in focus. The browser serves to provide such a platform in which there is no threat to the users of getting hacked by companies. Also, they can avoid any kind of data collection by the campaigns without their consent.  Hence, the search engine is also the same keeping in focus the security of users.

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The browser and Qwant are in a partnership and is now the default search engine in countries like France and Germany. The search engine was basically developed in France possessing its own web indexing technology. It does not install any kind of cookies and keeps no record of the history. It can be considered an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It is not only the search engine for brave on desktop platform but also present on mobile phones. The search engine provides its users the benefit of browsing without making any compromise on their data or leading towards any kind of harm.

With brave being one of the daring browsers introducing innovations with respect to technology as well as economically, combined with Qwant as its search engine. It is just perfect for the browser as it provides users with what they want; a solution to get a private life on the internet. Hence, through this the users can enjoy surfing through the internet without having any threat of getting hacked or violation of their privacy. One can find the information efficiently across the web and get their results through Qwant search engine. It is a user’s friendly browser.

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  1. When I use Firefox or Waterfox I have a selection of search engines. I use different ones for different purposes. When I use Brave there can be only one — the one I selected as default. The foxes have a drop down menu. I can’t find anything in Brave like that.

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