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Brave Browser vs. Chrome : Which Browser is Better?

As long as Brave Browser has joined the market, it was the common view that is an obvious threat to Google Chrome. This browser is crypto friendly, secure, fast and safe and the Chrome is not like that. As per the developers, Brave fixes the internet because it has introduced the system that blocks tracker ads and ads by default. In this way, it eradicates the requirement of ad blocks extensions. These features make Brave an applicant for mass adoption.

Because of the Brave’s unusual model, many viewed it as the next chrome. Chrome features packed with fun extensions. This browser maintains your netsurfing organized across several devices. Chrome has enjoyed over 50% share of the market by November 2018. On the other hand, this browser has beaten the 4 million active user mark. Chromium is the search engine that Brave uses. So, Brave has a bright future.



It is one of the best features that makes it highly exclusive. This browser comes with the HTTPS and ad blocking. It does not need 3rd party extensions therefore, several users prefer to use Brave browser. It offers guaranteed security because you can choose the data to delete and browsing session to the end. Customize your browsing experience in numerous ways and make it secure. So, you are protected because it does not support several 3rd party add ons. To some users, extra extensions are annoying. The capability assures that there will be no malicious ads and extensions on the browser and the user does not need to compromise on the security. It is good for day-to-day activities.

Brave Browser vs. Chrome : Which Browser is Better?


On the other hand, the Google Chrome is great for offering latest versions. On browser security, Google Chrome offers protection among other browsers. Google updates the chrome automatically to the modern versions. It improves the security updates. So, it scans frequently for all the malicious downloads.

Cryptocurrency Friendly

Brave Browser is supportive for the cryptocurrencies because it contains inbuilt Basic attention tokenBAT wallet. You can use this wallet to use the cryptocurrenciy like Etherrium and Bitcoin. Users use it for different transactions and favorite websites.


It is not supportive for the cryptocurrencies but it offers a good support for the cryptocurrency’s extensions. On chrome, Google has announced crypto mining extension’s ban. As per Google, there is increase in the number of the malicious extensions. These are highly wonderful resources without consent of the users. Google itself is not crypto friendly browser. There are several extensions working on Google Chrome.

The majority of the people find Brave browser is more cryptocurrency friendly browser because it supports all the technical fields and cares about its privacy.


Brave Browser

The Brave browse is highly speedy. It is due to the lack of ads especially 3rd party ads. Chromium is the famous search engine that enhances the performance of your net surfing on the basis of speed. Brave browser is 8 times speedier than Chrome.


Chrome offers good speed but in some cases, it becomes slow due to the encrypted files.


So, Brave is an exciting web browser. It has gained popularity because of the security concerns and address privacy. It provides an avenue for monetization. This is crypto-friendly by default.

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