Is Brave Browser Safe? Best Features

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Is Brave Browser Safe?

A lot of people are highly concerned about the safety and privacy features of the browser they are using. So, here we are going to talk about Brave Browser’s amazing features.

In January 2016, Brave launched. It underlines privacy and security while not compromising on performance or features.

Security Features

There are different security features present in this browser. The ‘shields’ menu, which is present on the right side of the address bar offers you an excellent rundown of the things being allowed or blocked on the open page and also permits you to control the general security setting, for instance, device and cookies recognition, blocking scripts and HTTPS connections, and tracking protection.

  • By default, the Brave browser includes HTTPS Everywhere to strengthen sites to make use of secure connections, and if you add a website that does not give the protocol or turn it off, you got a clear warning that involves a text and a symbol that says, “Not secure.”
  • Also, the built-in ad blocker is best for security purposes as the sketchy ads can lead to trackers or malware. You can create a password for protecting the saved login credentials on the smartphone, too. It keeps your information secure if your phone is stolen or misplaced.

Although Chromium gets updated after every 15 days, Brave only gets its updates after 21 to 28 days. It is not that bad; however, it can be better as working so long without any update offers cybercriminals more chance to compromise the browser.

Also, the browser comes with Google Safe Browsing; it scans the website’s URL you enter for phishing schemas and potential malware.

Security Features

Although Brave is highly dependent on Chromium that sends data to Google, the developers have stripped it of that function, same to the project of “UnGoogled Chromium.”

That said, there are different facilities in Brave, which gathers your data; however, most are switched off by default, like the prediction service for loading pages of websites and searches. As stated, this browser prefers Google Safe Browsing, enabled by default, and sends the data to Google for examination, so you need to decide while the protection is worth the privacy loss.

Brave keeps you safe from the trackers, and it blocks the third-party fingerprinting and cookies by default, and the handy “shield” menu makes it quite easy to shift the protections on and off and check how much they are doing.

The privacy and safety statement of the company is concise and clear. It states that:

Brave does not collect your data, except prediction and safe browsing, which you can disable by going into the setting. Even, the personalization of ads via the Brave Browser Program is done locally on your device; it does not send the result of the analysis to Brave or other advertisers.

The Verdict

Brave is the best browser that includes amazing features and user-friendly interface with privacy controls, reliable security, and excellent performance. We hope you have now got a clear understanding of this browser and your issues related to its safety features.

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