Is Brave truly the most secure web browser available?

Brave, a free, new open-source web browser that comes with an already built ad-blocker. This browser was invented by a team led by the inventor of JavaScript and a former Mozilla Foundation member, Brendan Eich.

‘You are not just a product’ says the tagline of Brave Browser. It looks forward to enhancing the constant security issues of their users, as well as brings an absolutely unique approach to the system of advertisements by reducing the amount of disturbance caused by the constant pop-up and sliding ads.

Is Brave truly the most secure web browser available?

Brave browser promises to block all the third party and cookie requests, hence you wouldn’t require the need to install extra extensions to block these ads. It does this by not letting the users getting tracked, online. Brave browser even claims to be eight-time faster than Google Chrome and portrays a concept, far bigger than any other browser, really.

However, eliminating tracking profiles and advertisements doesn’t make a browser all that safe, it just makes the advertisers work harder to break through the websites o get to the users. This might lead to underhanded and difficult techniques for tracking of the users. Brave, however, still advantages from the work of Google Security, Project Zero and their software to keep their browsers secure to the maximum.

The fact the brave blocks certain kinds of ads don’t make a user secure, it has no work is saving you from viruses and software to seep into your web browser. Phishing and malware virus doesn’t require sites yo enter and affect your PC. So if you think to buy Brave would make you all that secure, we’re not really sure if it’ll an amazing job at it however it won’t disturb you with unnecessary advertisements and will be faster, as claimed.


  • Works Faster than any software
  • Consists of many features
  • Security/Privacy Features


  • Update frequency is low

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