The Brave Browser Review: The Next Great Browser ?

Brave browser is absolutely free of cost, the open-sourced browser created by Brave Software Inc. It has been viewed as the next Chrome of browsers and is ready to solve all the challenges in other regular browsers. Let’s see how further:

When we search for the best browsers in terms of security, speed, and performance, names like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge appear. To date, Google chrome is considered as the best browser, but it’s honestly due to people who aren’t aware of better options.

  Brave Rewards Strategy

The brave browser allows you to favorite your websites by the usage of BAT cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Tokens). Brave comes with a built-in, wallet for these options that allows you to save up your favorite sites you want to support. Users can set a budget on a monthly basis, that will distribute to most visited sites. Brave users can earn their revenue by BAT, by simply browsing websites.

  Security guaranteed

Due to brave focusing on security threads, it can be considered as the safest website, yes even more than Firefox and Chrome. Not only does is block ads by default, but it also stops tracks and eliminates any malicious or malware viruses from entering your pc.

  Built-in Ad Blocker

Like we previously mentioned, this browser blocks ads by default. It means you don’t need to download extra extensions such as Ublock or Adblocker are not to be installed when using this browser.

Download Brave Browser

This feature secures your device, blocks all third app cookies or any extensive tracking done by browsers. The auto-blocking feature protects your device from malware and extensive tracking by advertisers.

  Enhanced privacy

This ad-block feature makes your experience on the internet faster and smoother, with better performance. This browser doesn’t allow any access to the user’s identifiable date on any of the user’s devices. It even is encrypted with a fingerprint feature, available in setting, that bars you from tracking of third-party ads.

Faster performance than other Competition

The elimination of cookies by third-party apps leads to battery saving, better speed, and better performance, holding up to its competition. With less or no content to download, browsing has never been this convenient. However, this is only when it comes to images, video streaming in faster on Firefox or chrome slightly.

  Various themes

This browser even comes with two themes, a light theme and a dark theme, whichever the user like, it can modify its websites that way. Users can change the outlook of the browser by going in settings and electing your desired theme. The dark theme is in black colors, and the light theme is in white colors.

So, is the brave browser the next best browser? Let’s summarize the positive features:

  • Faster than other browsers in performance and speed.
  • You will mobile data on your phone by dealing with fewer ads.
  • You won’t have to deal with the annoying ads.
  • You can earn revenue by their BAT feature.
  • Security is its main prior feature.

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