What is the Brave Browser, and How Does It Compare to Chrome?

There has been an increase in the number of web browsers, which have been now serving different kinds of niches. Brave browser particularly focuses on the security of their user, and reimagining of how online advertising will function. This browser is based solely on Chromium, the code that Google’s chrome worked on the basis of as well. But is it worth competing with Google Chrome? Let’s read further.

Brave Vs Chrome

Brave browser’s prior focus is to win their user’s hearts by giving them all the privacy features they look for, in this modern world. It delivers these features by something they call Brave Shields. These shields, as the name suggests, protect their users by tracking-blocking, no browser configuration errors, and the best part about it is that these features come built-in with the browser. Other than this Brave Shields forces users to use encrypted versions of every website, which makes it harder for these ads to slip on in your screens. Using unencrypted websites are simpler than you think, it’s as easy as using Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi on the airport, railway stations, which automatically slips in their ads while you’re using them. Even though an advancement to SSL isn’t a whole silver bullet towards your privacy concerns, however, it’s a good enough security upgrade. Other than Shields, Brave also has a TOR browser by default, that allows the users to circumvent the local censorship by rerouting the traffic through different PC’s.

How Does the Brave browser compare to Google Chrome?

All these features on a newly built browser are pretty impressive. This young company has really disrupted the market which was dominated by a handful of browsers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft or Mozilla.

Brave even promises its clients to be faster, less energy-consuming that its rivals, and fulfills its promises. On the upper hand, upon opening a new tab, Brave shows you your activity log too.

Download Brave Browser

However, with its perk’s browser comes with its flaws too like the webpages cannot translate themselves automatically like on other browsers, it requires to add on or plug on.

A new world by Brave?

So, it all comes down to whether you should switch indefinitely to Brave and ditch Google Chrome? Well, that’s a huge Maybe. Honestly, there’s a lot of good features on this browser, it’s remarkably fast, it is a well-polished browser, it comes with different themes, soothing the users’ eyes and as a cherry on top, resolves almost most of your privacy and security concerns.

But you should keep in mind, Brave is more than just a simple browser. It’s a whole function on how the internet should work. It basically controls your internet, more than you can ever have the ability to. The main feature of this website is that it blocks ads and claims to provide security through that, so are the ads as annoying as you think they are? And would you really let browser control your internet just cause of that sole reason, in conclusion, the question is if you go with this browsers approach, or not?

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