What is the Brave Browser and its Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Cryptocurrencies are coming into our lives, rather rapidly, given its properties. An easy example of this is the Ethereum-based BAT token, which is a new way of advertising on the online internet. We further analyze the importance of this system below. 

Brave browser: where privacy comes first

When using the brave browser, no tracking and ad blocking comes by default. The company even claims that the user interface has been made easier, the performance has increased visibly, therefore a proactive navigating system, as the loading of web pages takes a shorter time relatively, as there are no ads appearing out of nowhere, You don’t even need to install ad blocking extensions, as it comes by default.

Basic Attention Coin

When using Brave, ads and trackers are blocked by default

It is possible to use chrome extensions on the brave browser, as chrome is very similar to the brave browser in many aspects.

BAT: Get rewarded by watching ads

Other than Brave’s remarkable security aspects, the innovative feature has to be the internal payment procedure, which is called Brave payments. With just one click, users can turn on the ERC-20 (Ethereum token) system also known as the Basic Attention Token (BAT) system. In the system, the user has the ability to choose and decide the number of ads he/she will like to see, these ads will then be displayed on her page. For each pup-up ad, the user is credited with 0.05 BAT. If you believe that BAT’s value is meant to increase in the near future, you can even invest in Vat through its premium services. Our advisors can guide you on how to activate this system, and how to stack in in your profile.

Download Brave Browser Today

For now, it is made possible to take out BAT tokens, it is a feature that is still undergoing implementation. For the moment, it is not possible to withdraw BAT tokens to another wallet, it is a feature that remains to be implemented.  Another reward system that is yet to be established is that the user can set a reward system for its favorite, most frequently visited sites. He can dedicate his portion of BAT tokens to his/her most favorite websites, automatically.

Bat is also working on a tip system along with the browser. The brave browser has claimed to integrate with the social network website, Reddit, which is very known in the crypto community. Brave’s team is working really hard to set up this progressive, unique way of web advertising, and to raise its economy in an easy and more interactive way between the content makers and users.

A new model of advertising, a respectable but risky challenge.

Attacking the already existing advertising system is a whole new threat. Brave is a huge competitor of chrome in this aspect, as advertising agencies are usually the main source of generated revenue. If the brave’s experimental project goes successful, it could prove to be a real threat to the whole google community. However, according to our knowledge we surely find this experiment to be a smart one, but not such a reliable long-term investment, as these tokens can easily be replaced by bitcoins, etc.

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