What really is Brave Browser and how is it connected to BAT?

Brave is an absolutely new web browser, that is headed by the inventor of the JavaScript Language program and the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. As a comparison to the other browser, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc., Brave’s primary focus is on its user’s privacy and security concerns. It consists of features such as Ad-blocking, track blocking and hiding of location, to provide its users with all the security. One of the most amazing aspects of this browser is its native support for the BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) an ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum ETH, 1.41%.

How to install Brave?

Brave browser is absolutely free to download and use, and is available on Brave.com for downloading. Its setup procedure is easy as well, and the browser guides you thought the steps, to set it up. Once set, it takes a while to function properly. You don’t need to have BAT to use this browser, as the BAT functions come by default in this browser and its use is optional on the user.

Download Brave Browser

Brave Browsers PC version is actually based on Chromium, that is the same base Chrome is based on. As an addition, Brave even has the ability to support the same Chrome extensions, you were using before, hence it’s like nothing really changed, but your experience became a lot better. The ad-eliminating feature of this browser leaves no flaw to provide you with a smooth, quick, hassle-free experience.

Basic Attention coin

How does the Brave browser take care of its user’s privacy?

Brave browser does not record or store any data of the user, be it the user’s IP address, browsing history, etc. The server blocks all the trackers that can follow its users and even has the option for users to customize their settings of privacy for each and every website they go on.

What is BAT? What does it actually have to do with the Brave Browser?

Basic Attention Token BAT, 3.59% is basically a crypto-currency that is created to function with this new, brave browser. The concept of BAT is that these token will be used as reward points for taking out their precious time and giving attention by watching ads, while content creators and web links can opt to receive their reward in forms of BAT from users who have BAT in their brave wallet and opt-in to be a part of Brave Reward Program.

As for now, you cannot receive BAT by watching advertisements. Even if you have obtained Bat tokens, you can direct them further to other cryptocurrency wallets that this browser can generate you. However, you need to be fully aware and careful of the fact that if you send Bitcoin BTC, 0.39%Ethereum ETH, 1.41% or Litecoin LTC, 5.54% to this cryptocurrency wallet, they will be transformed into BAT, automatically.

The brave browser’s wallet doesn’t let its user extract BAT tokens yet, it’s sole purpose, for now, is to enable rewards for websites and content makers that are a part of the brave rewards program. BAT rewards are meant to support YouTube Channels, The Guardian, Vimeo, Washington Post, and Twitch streamers.

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